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..Cleanlight Technology?

Experts for new & innovative UV-C disinfection solutions

in order to meet the increasing hygiene requirements.

For a safer life. For the benefit of all our health.

"Let us contribute

To make the world a cleaner,

healthier & safer place!" 



Cleanlight Technology - specialized in the development of new & innovative

disinfection soutions, for air & surface disinfection, using the latest UV-C LED technology,

to eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds and at least to 99%.

Highest quality and safety are top priority for our disinfetion technologies - Made in Germany!

Our disinfection solutions are used wherever people come together and one wants to stop

the spread and transmission of pathogenic germs, viruses and bacteria.

The places where our disinfection solutions are used are many and varied, including e.g. pharmacies, nursing homes, retail companies, restaurants, hotels, airports, cultural institutions, elevators.

"For the benefit of all our health" 



Best possible disinfection is a topic that has become more important than ever.


We are all exposed to the risk of contracting and spreading pathogenic germs and viruses.

Especially in highly frequented public areas the germ exposure is very high.

UV-C radiation is a proven and optimal method for the elimination of

pathogenic germs, viruses, bacteria.

  Our UV-C LED disinfection solutions

  • prevent the transmission and spread of diseases

  • close potential sources of infection

  • protect the health of all of us

  • take into account the increased hygiene measures

  • contain social and economic damage

  • enable safe activities and encounters again

  • are environmentally friendly

  • are safe and easy to use



Cleanlight Bridge

The optimal solution against germs, bacteria and viruses.

The world's first transfer device for disinfecting and sterilizing individual banknotes and other printed products, such as doctors' prescriptions, in seconds and at least up to 99 %,

by means of UV-C radiation, using the latest UV-C LED technology.


The use of the Cleanlight Bridge is intended to prevent banknotes and other documents, such as doctors' prescriptions, from being transferred directly from hand to hand.

Instead, they are handed over by the Cleanlight Bridge, which quickly and reliably removes viruses, bacteria and germs from them during their passage.

"The Cleanlight Bridge - designed as a secure interface

to stop the transmission and spread

of pathogenic germs, viruses, bacteria"


Intended for use in pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, hotels, public and cultural institutions, retail outlets, restaurants and bars, resp. in all areas where banknotes and other documents are transferred from one person to another.

  • Offer your customers and employees a safe and clean experience!

  • Minimize a possible drop in sales, due to not accepting cash, because of health risks!

  • Help to stop the transmission and spread of diseases and break infection chains!

Further Product Information

  •  Tabletop version, portable, closed unit

  •  works fully automatic & bidirectional

  •  without the need to press any button

  •  UV-C LED Module

  •  High quality materials

  •  operation by alternating current

  •  antiviral activity detected in the laboratory

  •  universally applicable

  •  modifiable to customer-specific wishes/ further areas of application

  •  additional equipment with banknote counting and banknote verification functions

  •  In different color variations

  •  developed and produced in Germany


New and smart UV-C LED technology based disinfection modules, for air & surface disinfection, for various fields of application, e.g. retrofittable modules for air filters, application for elevators, are currently being planned and developed.


We will keep you up to date on this!